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  • Published: April 29th, 2016
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Kazoo Branding is a branding and marketing firm that loves building buzz for brands. From start-ups to established companies, Kazoo helps businesses tell their stories in a way that differentiates them from the competition and builds buzz for their brand. They believe that kind of buzz happens only when you connect emotionally with your customers, with stories that are as surprising as they are smart.

Creativity builds business when it’s grounded in a solid strategic foundation. Kazoo Branding can help you define your unique brand essence and link it to what makes your customers tick.

Through strategy and execution, Kazoo helps clients develop and understand not only what a company is, but who it wants to become.

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Come in and meet them! They are a fun group to hang out with.


Pictured from top to bottom: Tom Dupont, the principal, is hard working but also takes time with his passion, golf. Mila Samson is one of our amazing designers from the Netherlands who is married to a drummer. Jamie Peltier enjoys social media trends and coaches soccer on the weekends. Kelsey Duncan, our other designer who loves creating things and always has awesome hair.

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